We have always placed great emphasis on performing our activities in a socially, ethically and ecologically responsible manner. This is demonstrated in the following ways:

  • As we believe that the freedom of employees is extremely important, we stand against any form of forced labour.
  • Through our way of working, we offer women in countries like India a chance to work in an international context.
  • The origins of our employees do not influence our hiring policy or our way of guidance.
  • By means of providing a healthy and safe working and living environment, we contribute to the health and safety of our employees.
  • We find it very important to respect our employees’ opinions.
  • In order to prevent any form of discrimination, we strive for optimal arrangements in our foreign offices.
  • We place much emphasis on the basic human rights of our employees and do not accept any type of insult.
  • Work-life balance is considered to be very important.
  • Our employees receive a decent salary, which includes attractive secondary benefits.
  • We respect the right of our employees to unite themselves freely and to negotiate as a collective.
  • The universal ethical standards for enterprises are endorsed by us.

WorldEmp strives to introduce the SA8000 in its offices. This reflects our respect for the highest ethical standards.

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