Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) in need of ICT or SAP professionals, AutoCAD draughtsmen, constructors, graphic designers, etcetera? Specialists who can work for you at attractive hourly rates? WorldEmp facilitates talented remote employees, with all the benefits of the New Way of Working Plus.


The New Way of Working: your own employees outside national borders

Working with foreign specialists does not solely belong to the domain of multinationals anymore. WorldEmp, which stands for World Employment, offers SME’s now that same opportunity and connects knowledge, labour capacity and demand, digital and worldwide. This means that via WorldEmp, you could possess your own employees outside national borders.

Benefits of the New Way of Working Plus?

  • As a result of the New Way of Working Plus, you are able to make use of well-educated talent at attractive hourly rates for short- and long-term commitments.
  • We unburden you completely in the area of recruitment. Moreover, WorldEmp offers you the possibility to work with the best talent for your field of expertise. We recruit in countries like India, thousands of miles away, but close thanks to the New Way of Working Plus.
  • WorldEmp takes care of the hardware for your employee. By means of the newest communication technologies, you are able to continuously consult and work together with your employee in a foreign country using an online environment.
  • You pay a fixed all-in amount each month for the hiring of your employee on a distance. This includes among other things: salary, social costs and pensions, training and education, costs of commuter traffic, an online communication connection with your employee and accommodation of the employee in an international office of WorldEmp outside your home country.


‘Imagine. Your own well-educated employees in a distant country like India, nonetheless close at hand through our high tech audio-visual communications.’

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