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How rigorous is the selection process?

Very strict. If we look at 15 profiles with the requested technical knowledge, 1 remains that may work for WorldEmp. We estimate that only about 3 to 5% of the potential employees can meet the requirements and are suitable to work for WorldEmp's customers.

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What are candidates tested and judged on?

All candidates are tested along four pillars before we introduce them to you.


  1. Technical skills, tested with online tests and by our current employees

  2. Mastery of English language, especially orally, tested by our native speaking employees

  3. Soft skills, this is tested with reputable tests by our Assessment Specialist.

  4. Cultural difference, this is tested with the Hofstede test and assessed by our Assessment Specialist.


But in the end, you decide which candidates you would like to proceed.

Can I outsource assignments or work at WorldEmp?

WorldEmp specializes in finding the right people for your business. As a result, it is not possible to outsource assignments with us. We don't carry out assignments with big teams, but we focus on looking for a colleague. As a result, there is almost no attrition and you really add a colleague to your team.


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How big is the cultural difference between other countries and the Netherlands?

At WorldEmp we don't just look at a nice CV or work experience. We also spend a lot of time finding candidates who can handle Dutch culture well and master the English language very well. For example, with a culture test we determine whether a candidate is able to connect with Dutch culture and, for example, has problem-solving skills, a proactive attitude and assertiveness. We combine this with a training 'Dealing with the Dutch' in which a candidate with actors mimics some scenarios that can take place in the workplace.

How long does a selection procedure take?

This depends on the package of requirements and expectations of our customers. We usually complete a selection procedure within 2 to 8 weeks. It is also important to quickly settle the selection process in order to maintain interest among the candidates.

Do all WorldEmp colleagues master the English language?

An extensive English test is one of the four pillars through which we recruit. See also the page about recruitment and selection. Among other things, we test this by using native speakers during all recruitment conversations.

We work in an agile way, can we combine this?

Yes, working remotely and agile practices go very well together. You have daily contact with your colleague abroad via our platform. He/she participates via a live video connection and can therefore easily match daily's, reviews and retro's. In addition, it is possible to share the screen and watch the computer screen together via our system. Remote collaboration is easier with an agile method, because you have more regular contact and can assess the work delivered earlier.


How do I ensure that colleagues abroad are involved in my company?

In part, the connection is already created by seeing each other on a daily basis. Your colleague is present, via a screen in the office and therefore at all meetings. In addition, we can help by setting up the office entirely according to your branding. From use of colour, décor, your logo on the coffee mugs or a Friday afternoon drink.


What about health insurance and a pension?

At WorldEmp we charge an all-in price. This means that you will receive the following for a fixed amount per month:

  • Recruitment of new staff
  • A furnished office, including all the necessary hardware
  • Access to our digital platform that lets you collaborate
  • A market-based salary for your new colleague, including:
    • Bonus system
    • Medical insurance, for your new colleague and his or her family
    • Access to general and personal training
    • Work-life balance

What about confidentiality?

WorldEmp has a strict recruitment selection process and has all new colleagues sign a confidentiality agreement. No large teams to which you outsource your work, but a colleague whom we add to your team. So you always know who's working on your project or product and manage these people directly.



What about the time difference?

The time difference is only 3.5 hours (in winter time 4.5 hours). Our employees start a bit later compared to the start time in the Netherlands, and they also work more hours per week. As a result, there is an overlap of 70 to 80% in practice. If an overlap of 100% is required, which can be in the beginning because of the training, then this can be arranged.


How do you accompany the customers?

We do not only the recruitment and take care of the accommodation of the employee, we also accompany you and the employee after a person has started. We regularly contact you to discuss progress and resolve any difficulties. We will also draw up the training programme together with you. We therefore continue to be in regular contact after the placement and support you from the Netherlands and from other countries.

How long is a contract duration with WorldEmp?

In principle, we assume that we work together for a long period of time. We therefore have contracts for an indefinite period. If it is necessary, for example due to unforeseen circumstances, that a contract is terminated, you can cancel with a span of 1 month, at the end of the month.

What if, after a few weeks, I find out that the employee facilitated by WorldEmp does not fit?

Despite the careful selection procedure, it can still happen that, after a few weeks of working together, you are disappointed by an employee facilitated by WorldEmp. We have agreed a probationary period with our employees, so if it does not succeed, then "no hard feelings" we shall look for a replacement, who then fit the expectations.

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