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"Gather people around you who are smarter than yourself."

Frank Korf (CEO & Founder) is the business backbone of WorldEmp and distinguishes himself with a purpose-driven, future-proof vision. With a background in the mechanical industry, he focuses on connectivity and has been operating internationally for two decades. He brought the listed company Kirloskar Brothers to the Netherlands and set up a successful joint venture for the European market.

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"It doesn't matter what you do in life, but with whom."

Peter van Londen

COO & Founder

Peter is an operational specialist and works at the intersection of strategy, planning, and organizational design. He has previously worked as a technologist, Supply Chain & Production manager, and operational director. Integrity and pragmatism are central to his approach and are among his personal talents.

"Frustration is the best inspiration for innovation."

Jasper Fortuin

COO Asia & Middle East

With a background in marketing and innovation, Jasper is a dynamic connector with experience leading projects at KPN, including collaboration with Spotify and developing TV innovations. He played a key role in the Agile Transformation within KPN's IT department in Pune, India, from 2016 to 2021. Currently, Jasper resides and works mainly in Pune, focusing on talent development, operations, and representing clients and staff in the region.

"Everything is about people."

Albert Mulder

Partner & Human Behavior Assessor

Albert is a scientifically trained expert in human behavior and assessment. He started his career in academia, where he was involved in Human Behavior Assessment, project management, coaching, and training for more than thirty different projects. Human development and feedback collection are part of his skill set.

"Striving for Champions League quality in our service, every single day!"

Daniel Perez

Account Director

Daniel is a driven entrepreneur with a passion for taking on challenges. With over a decade of experience in HR, he has built an extensive and valuable network. As a natural connector, Daniel effortlessly makes connections and always sees opportunities to bring the right people together. In his role at WorldEmp, he focuses on the Brabant and Limburg regions, operating from Eindhoven.

+31 (0)6 361 828 77

"By giving genuine attention and trust, people can grow and bring out the best in themselves."

Rachelle Brons


Rachelle is an experienced Commercial Manager and Recruitment Specialist with over 20 years of experience in Sales and Business Development across various industries such as Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, (Petro)Chemicals, Food, and Waste Management. She is skilled in closing sales contracts and communication. Her strong networking abilities help her build relationships. Rachelle is determined and passionate, with a deep passion for technical and medical innovations.


"With the right connection comes synergy."

Inge Kimsma


With over 25 years of experience in account management, HR secondment, and recruitment, Inge is rightly considered an expert in the temporary employment and reintegration industry. Within WorldEmp, she has emerged as a key figure in the company. Flexibility and customer orientation are central to her approach.




"Being kind costs absolutely nothing."

Ingrid Ansing-de Groot

Inside Sales Support

Ingrid is highly experienced in Inside Sales Support in various industries. Working in a team with positivity, contact with customers, and fun people around her are the things in life that energize her.

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