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Team expansion in 3 steps

Since the employee is 100% at your disposal, we are very critical during the recruitment phase. We assess whether the candidate is technically suitable and also look at team and communication skills.


We start the recruitment based on an extensive talent profile. Our recruiters search and guide candidates through the interview rounds. Eventually, 1-3 candidates remain, whose profiles are shared.


To ensure the best conditions, interviews with one or more of the proposed candidates take place at one of our WorldEmp Excellence Centers. A choice is then made. If there is no match, we come up with alternative candidates.


WorldEmp handles all HR formalities: an employment contract, start date, and the collection of all necessary documents. A culture training is also scheduled, and the necessary hardware and access are arranged.

Full-time access to your own ‘remote’ team member: the benefits

Having a (remote) employee who is part of the team is the ideal solution to counter the competitive job market. WorldEmp offers tailor-made solutions that meet your needs in the areas of:

  • Data
  • Engineering
  • ICT
  • Finance

Strengthen your teams with our highly educated professionals and prevent internal overload!

Free recruitment and 40-70% lower labor costs

In the long term, your company can scale up easily without risk using a large talent pool in countries with highly qualified workers.

Access to Top-Class Expertise

Thanks to our thorough and rigorous selection process, we are able to attract highly educated professionals with specialized skills. We look not only at ‘professional skills’. During the process, candidates are also tested on their communication skills, culture, and the ability to work with colleagues from the unique Dutch culture.



International network

No recruitment costs

Compliance and no risk

Increased productivity

An employee speaking

Ganesh Kondewar:

Since my start in the summer of 2021, I have worked on various major projects. Daily contact with my team members in the Netherlands is great, as are the challenging tasks.

I also have very good contact with colleagues here at WorldEmp. It feels like a close-knit family."

On the path to efficiency and growth

At WorldEmp, we believe in the power of outsourcing. But we go a step further. Having ‘your own’ team expansion offers so many advantages over traditional ‘outsourcing’. A team member can, for example, be deployed 100%. It offers a direct opportunity to focus on efficiency and growth.

And doing this with WorldEmp saves a lot of costs and even more hassle; there is no need to invest in internal resources or infrastructure. Everything is taken care of by WorldEmp. WorldEmp is more than a traditional outsourcing company.

A client speaking...

Outsourcing bedrijfBarry Tempelaar, CEO Bluedesk:
The collaboration with WorldEmp has been surprisingly positive for Bluedesk. We were looking for an experienced .Net developer who could be quickly deployed. The transparent and effective recruitment process of WorldEmp ensured that we were soon offered CVs of developers who really fit our company. In addition to the talent of the candidate, attention is also paid to whether there is a "match" with colleagues in the Netherlands!


Interested? Want to learn more?

We are happy to explain the concept

Our international recruiters undergo a comprehensive selection process aimed at finding those foreign professionals who, in addition to being excellent in their field, are also adept at collaborating with European companies.

Setting up an external team sounds challenging, but we at WorldEmp have accumulated enough 'best practices' to make a new collaboration successful.

We are happy to explain more in a personal conversation. Schedule an appointment via [email protected] or call us directly at +31 (0)88 – 400 29 00

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