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Reliable partner of health insurers

Van Lent Systems is a family business founded in 1986 by René van Lent. In more than thirty years, this one-man company has grown into an international organization with offices in the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Belgium. A company with a wide product range and a large group of satisfied customers.

Helping people

What are they doing?

Van Lent Systems is a medical equipment company, with the brand name Rehan, a supplier of innovative and high-quality products for visual impairment, pain relief and incontinence. In addition to being a healthcare provider, Van Lent Systems is also a service provider that supports every user, before and especially after purchasing a medical aid. Van Lent Systems wish to help people who certainly deserve some support. The target group encompasses people with a visual impairment, people suffering from pain and children with bedwetting problems: the goal is to make their lives a little more enjoyable.

More ideas like development capacity

What were they looking for?

Van Lent Systems has many ideas, but unfortunately too little engineering capacity to convert those ideas into products. WorldEmp has filled that missing capacity. The first contacts between Van Lent Systems and WorldEmp originate from the end of 2018.

The customer's opinion

Judith van Doren - General manager Van Lent Systems

“As a producer and healthcare provider of medical products, we have many contacts with health insurers and medical specialists, but since we also provide after-sales service to our target group, we are very close to recognizing the wishes of the users of our devices. The contacts often lead to good ideas and potential business, but unfortunately we do not have enough development capacity to convert all those ideas into products.


WorldEmp was able to help us with that ambition. WorldEmp has listened carefully from the beginning to what we want and searched for the matching persons. We are not looking for short-term help for a project, but long-term employees with whom we can convert our ideas into products and build additional competencies within the organization.


WorldEmp not only supports us with engineering capacity, but also ensures that we are completely unburdened in the field of HR. They are always there for us to support us and what they promise, they do. ”

Van Lent Systems resultaat

Room for growth

What is the result?

WorldEmp has started recruiting a senior product developer. This recruitment was critical, as it concerns a person who must be able to work independently. We have spoken to many candidates and tested them on soft skills and whether they fit into our client's culture. Ultimately, Van Lent Systems chose which senior product developer they would like to work with.


Hereafter, other specialists followed to further expand the team. In doing so, we took advantage from the fact that we already have alike specialists working for other customers and thus benefited from existing expertise in those areas.


In this way, R&D has been able to increase the speed of development and has also in turn developed new technologies.

WorldEmp office

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