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Extensive selection procedure

Over the last 20 years, we have built up a large network and as a result we can quickly find the right people. Within two to six weeks we can add a colleague, or a complete team, to your organization with the desired expertise. We link the right people to your business, so you can expect minimal attrition.

After an initial selection, we follow a process according to these steps:

1. Technical skills review

2. Review of language skills

3. Psychological test

4. Culture test

WorldEmp India Specialist

1. Skills

First, of course, we look at the expertise you need. All candidates at WorldEmp have a bachelor's or master's degree and at least six years of work experience. In addition, we take several assessments.

In the short term, we can provide colleagues with expertise in: data analysis, engineering, finance and software development such as: JavaScript, SAP, SQL, C++, Oracle, .Net, PHP, Java, Design, Testing, AutoCAD, Pro-E, SolidWorks, graphic designers and more.


2. Languages

Good cooperation depends on communication, which is why we ensure that colleagues are always virtually present and that they know the English language very well. We test this with native speakers that ask questions thoroughly during the selection procedure. 

English language skills are also being developed after the employees have started. For this we work together with a language institute. We focus on oral skills such as pronunciation and accent.

WorldEmp Netherlands

3. Culture test

Of course, a colleague should also fit your company culture. That is why we also take a good look at possible cultural differences.

We test this with renowned culture tests. In doing so, we determine whether the candidate is able to connect with Dutch culture, such as problem solving, proactive attitude, and assertiveness as well as daring to say "no".

We combine this with a training 'Dealing with the Dutch' in which a candidate with actors mimics some scenarios that can take place in the workplace.

Psychological test

4. Psychological test

In addition to the assessments focused on the technical skills and the extensive conversations, we also perform a psychological test. We do this under the guidance of an experienced assessment specialist. The result determines whether the candidate can be hired.

WorldEmp office

Feel free to contact us, without engagement, to discover your possibilities.

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