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Client case:

myShop & WorldEmp

"The beauty of it is that they are truly colleagues who belong to your company. You're not outsourcing work, but adding someone to your team whom you collaborate with for a long time. In our case, it's been a year and a half."

- Marcel Ambriola - Co-owner of myShop


Collaboration began in 2017

Team size

1 in India

Roles in India


The collaboration between myShop and WorldEmp

Finding highly educated personnel quickly

More and more companies are working together with colleagues and teams worldwide. It's a wonderful development, but for the colleagues at myShop.com, it has been the norm for a long time. Since the start of this company over 20 years ago, an international team has been working together. And everything happens online and from home. "We started in the year 2000 under the name mijnWinkel.nl and switched to myShop.com in 2012. With our e-commerce platform, people can easily develop their own webshop." explains Marcel Ambriola. He is a co-owner of the company and has been at the helm since 2012. "Customers can open an account and are immediately in a CMS, a content management system, which we also call the back office. There they can easily build a webshop and, for example, apply their own design or corporate identity, add products, choose a payment method, and add shipping methods."

The platform is designed for self-use, but because it has existed for over 20 years, the possibilities and the number of functionalities have also grown rapidly. "We increasingly notice that our customers and clients are looking for their own style and appearance and want to add many functionalities. This can make development complex, but we can help with our team and partners."

Building an international team

The myShop.com team is growing rapidly and is located all over the world. Finding personnel abroad is not always easy, but at myShop, it has grown naturally. "It started with a colleague who lived in Groningen and wanted to see more of the world; he moved to Argentina and continued to work for us remotely. That's where it actually started." Every time myShop was ready for growth and the next step, the company searched for the best people through its own network. "For example, through our colleague in Argentina, we found many good people there, and because we have always worked from home, that was no problem at all." myShop mainly searched for new colleagues through its own network until they came across WorldEmp. "Frank came by for an introductory meeting and explained the concept of WorldEmp. That immediately appealed to us because we were looking for some experts who were difficult to find through our network." One of them was a full-stack developer.

Faster personnel recruitment

myShop has colleagues in Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, Italy, the Netherlands, and Romania. The expertise and function vary per country and colleague. "In Romania, there is a partner who performs a large part of the web development. They build the templates for our platform, and in Italy and Brazil, part of the support team is located, and for the past two years, we have also been working with developers from India. The beauty of this concept is that we can indicate what we need, WorldEmp searches, conducts a number of interviews, and then compiles a shortlist for us. We only need to conduct a few interviews and make a choice." This way, myShop quickly found a suitable full-stack developer, and soon a second colleague will follow. "The beauty of it is that they are truly colleagues who belong to your company. You're not outsourcing work, but adding someone to your team whom you collaborate with for a long time. In our case, it's been a year and a half."

"Working from home is in our DNA"

Collaborating with an international team can be a challenge, but at myShop, they are used to it. "Every morning, we start our virtual office via zoom. One by one, we join and start working." The fact that not everyone starts at the same time is due to the different time zones. Marcel emphasizes that online collaboration does not primarily have a controlling function but rather a social function. "The mutual contact creates a team feeling. So we see and speak to each other every day, and the lines are just as short. If we have questions, we open a separate chat or live connection, and we can easily discuss matters." Of course, largely working remotely and from home also brings some challenges. "It requires a certain level of responsibility. You must be able to work together remotely but also be able to take distance. You are quickly inclined to work even on weekends. So sometimes I still receive emails from colleagues on weekends, even though this is not the intention.

Advantages of WorldEmp

Marcel finds time savings one of the major advantages. "Recruiting new personnel takes much less time and is easier through WorldEmp. In addition, we are very pleased that our colleagues in India work under good conditions." For all colleagues abroad, WorldEmp arranges a workplace, including hardware and a good connection to public transport. "For us, it is also important that people, in addition to a nice office with good lunch and sports facilities, also have normal working hours. So no working days of 12 hours or more, but simply a maximum of 9 hours so that they also have enough time to spend with family. In addition, it is nice that they share an office because if there are any questions, they can also rely on a team of experts." myShop will grow significantly in the coming period and will also use the opportunities at WorldEmp for this. "Working from home is in our DNA, so this way of growing internationally suits us well."

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