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Frank Korf

Frank Korf

CEO & Founder

Frank is the corporate backbone of WorldEmp and leads with a goal-oriented, future-proof vision. With a background in the mechanical industry and now two decades in international business, he is dedicated to making connections. Among others, he brought the publicly listed company, Kirloskar Brothers, to the Netherlands, and established a successful joint venture in the European market.


“"Always gather people around you who are smarter than you."”

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Frank Korf

Peter van Londen

COO & Founder


Peter is an operational specialist, who works at the intersection of strategy, planning and organizational design. Having previously performed duties as a technologist, supply chain manager and operational director, he counts integrity and pragmatics as integral aspects of his talents and paramount to his approach.


“It doesn't matter what you do in life, but with whom.”


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Albert Mulder

Albert Mulder

Partner & Human Behavior Assessor


Albert is a science-based expert in human behavior and assessment. He started his career in the academic world, where he was involved in, among other things, Human Behavior Assessment, project management, coaching and training for more than thirty different projects. Human Development and collecting feedback are part of his skill set.


“Everything is about people”


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Hans van Gestel

Hans van Gestel

Founder & CFO


Hans is originally a business economist and previously worked for Océ van der Grinten, Ernst & Young and HSK, where he held various senior roles. With a specialization in healthcare management, he works to put organizations first and actively contributes to achieving customer goals.


“When people get along, everything is possible.”


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Inge kimsma

Inge Kimsma



With more than 25 years experience in account management, HR secondment and recruitment, Inge can rightly be called an expert in the temporary employment and reintegration industry. During her six years at WorldEmp, she has become an important linchpin in the company, employing flexibility and customer focus as predominant aspects in her approach.


“Synergy starts with the right connection.”


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Anil Vasu

Managing Director (WorldEmp India)


Anil holds a Masters in Human Resource Management and no less than 23 years of international experience in the same field. As a human resources professional, he has worked in various industries and has technological skills that are useful in multicultural environments. He is very approachable and always aims to motivate people.


“Inspire colleagues positively, make them the architect of their own professional path!”


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Guido Wijnhoven

Guido Wijnhoven

Business Development Manager


Guido has a proven track record in sales for more than 20 years, as well as years of experience in the financial services and publishing industry. From an early age he had a huge interest in engines and everything related to mechanical engineering. This was reflected in his training as a commercial pilot. Due to his experience and great interest, he is the right partner for your company in the south of the Netherlands.


"Knowledge can be multiplied by sharing it"


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