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Having breakfast in India, but working 'in Eindhoven': WorldEmp recruits 'digital knowledge migrant' for Dutch companies

The solution for your shortage of highly educated staff

Are you a Dutch company looking for highly educated professionals to strengthen your team? WorldEmp provides the solution with the digital knowledge migrant.

About the digital knowledge migrant

Digitalization of knowledge migration by WorldEmp: An innovative step towards the future of work.

  • Access to global talents: Enables companies to digitally employ highly educated professionals such as engineers, designers for machine construction, and experts in energy transition.
  • Eliminates housing problems: Removes the challenges and costs related to finding and financing suitable accommodation for international workers.
  • Less pressure on healthcare and education: Since the knowledge migrant does not physically come to the Netherlands, there's no need for a general practitioner or school for the children.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative: Reduces the need for international travel, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint and less pressure on air traffic.
  • Simplicity and efficiency: By digitalizing the deployment of knowledge migrants, WorldEmp accelerates and simplifies the process of international collaboration.
  • Flexibility and accessibility: Offers companies the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy top talent, without the logistical challenges of physical relocation.
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion: Facilitates a more diverse and inclusive workforce by removing borders and providing equal opportunities to talent worldwide.


WorldEmp's initiative to introduce the digital knowledge migrant marks a significant shift in how we think about international labor and mobility, with benefits extending beyond just reducing bureaucratic obstacles.

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The advantages of WorldEmp

WorldEmp provides access to a vast pool of highly educated professionals ready to strengthen your team. Your new colleague is recruited to fit your needs and fully tested on language, culture, competencies, and technique.

Quality and expertise: With WorldEmp, you have access to highly educated professionals with a proven track record in various fields, such as engineering, software development, data, and financial services.

Quick recruitment: Thanks to our efficient recruitment process, we can quickly meet your demand for specific personnel. Within a maximum of six weeks, we present you with qualified candidates who meet your requirements.

Flexible collaboration: Our professionals work remotely from our international offices but are fully committed to delivering high-quality results for your company. With advanced digital collaboration platforms, communication and collaboration remain smooth.

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