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Over the past 20 years, we have built a large global network, enabling us to quickly find the right people. Within just two to six weeks, we can add a colleague, or an entire team, with the desired expertise to your organization. We match the right people to your company, ensuring minimal staff turnover.

After an initial selection, we follow a procedure according to these steps:

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Allereerst kijken we natuurlijk naar de door u gevraagde expertise. Alle kandidaten bij WorldEmp hebben een bachelor- of masterdiploma en minimaal zes jaar werkervaring. Daarnaast nemen we meerdere assessments af.

Op korte termijn kunnen wij collega’s leveren met expertise op het gebied van: data analyse, engineering, finance en software ontwikkeling zoals: JavaScript, SAP, SQL, C++, Oracle, .Net, PHP, Java, Design, Testing, AutoCAD, Pro-E, SolidWorks, grafisch ontwerpers en meer.

Language proficiency

Effective collaboration hinges on communication, so we ensure that colleagues are always virtually present and that they possess excellent English skills. This is tested by native speakers who thoroughly interview during the selection process.

Even after employees have started, their English language skills continue to be developed. For this, we collaborate with a language institute, focusing on oral skills, such as pronunciation and accent.

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Recruiter WorldEmp

Psychological test

In addition to assessments focused on technical skills and extensive interviews, we also administer a psychological test under the supervision of an experienced assessment specialist. The results determine whether a candidate can be hired.

Culture test

Of course, a colleague must also fit into your company. Therefore, we also carefully consider potential cultural differences.

We test this with renowned culture tests. These determine whether the candidate is able to connect with Dutch culture, such as problem-solving skills, a proactive attitude, and assertiveness, like being able to say "no."

This is combined with a 'Dealing with the Dutch' training, where a candidate rehearses several scenarios that may occur in the workplace with actors.

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Interested? Want to learn more?

We are happy to explain the concept

Our international recruiters undergo a comprehensive selection process aimed at finding those foreign professionals who, in addition to being excellent in their field, are also adept at collaborating with European companies.

Setting up an external team sounds challenging, but we at WorldEmp have accumulated enough 'best practices' to make a new collaboration successful.

We are happy to explain more in a personal conversation. Schedule an appointment via [email protected] or call us directly at +31 (0)88 – 400 29 00


Interesse? Meer weten?

Wij leggen het concept graag uit

Onze internationale recruiters hebben een zeer uitgebreid selectieprocedure, gericht op het vinden van die buitenlandse professionals die behalve goed zijn op hun vakgebied, ook geschikt zijn in het samenwerken met Europese bedrijven.

Het opzetten van een extern team klinkt uitdagend, maar we hebben bij WorldEmp voldoende ‘best pratices’ opgebouwd om een nieuwe samenwerking succesvol te maken.

We leggen het graag uit in een persoonlijk gesprek. Plan een afspraak via [email protected] of bel ons direct op +31 (0)88 – 400 29 00

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