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  • Complete assessments
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Within two to six weeks

We ensure that these colleagues are fully screened and start working in a furnished office. Thanks to our platform, your colleagues are present, live, in the office, you can easily share files or watch them together on the screen.

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Exclusive recruitment

After you have placed the assignment with us, we will immediately look for suitable candidates. We do this by deploying our large network, which we have built up over the past twenty years, and our own recruitment teams. The first selection consists of a screening of education and work experience. We continue the selection process with the candidates that best fit the assignment.


This process goes through the four pillars:

  • Technical skills assessment
  • Language proficiency assessment
  • Psychological test
  • Culture test


After an extensive selection, we introduce a few candidates to you, with whom you can have an interview and ultimately you choose your colleague yourself.

Spacious offices

What else does WorldEmp arrange?

A pleasant working environment is essential for satisfied staff and for quality work. It ensures that colleagues enjoy going to work and are loyal to your company. That is why WorldEmp invests in good offices, with the right appearance and design. We ensure that your colleagues have a good workplace. If desired, we can arrange this according to your corporate identity and branding. Our offices are easily accessible for colleagues, so that they are not stuck in traffic jams or be on the road for an unnecessarily long time.

Working remotely with the right support

Working remotely with the right support

Your staff needs the right hardware and software. WorldEmp arranges the right equipment for you, ensures that there is a good internet connection and that your new colleagues can work from day one via our platform. More and more companies are using agile methods to develop products quickly. Through our platform, your colleague is always present live in your Dutch office, you can consult each other, share files and software and watch each other's screen. In this way, working in short sprints, even with a remote team, can be arranged easily and efficiently.

Contracts, training and insurance

We not only find the right staff, but also ensure that they receive a competitive salary, including social security costs, commuting costs, access to annual training, medical insurance (for the employee and his or her family) and a pleasant workplace. And all this for a fixed amount.


In the first months you will have intensive contact with the Dutch WorldEmp team. We monitor progress and help you manage the team. You can continuously monitor progress, thanks to the progress interviews that we schedule for you. In addition, we retrieve information with a 360-degree feedback tool.


WorldEmp helps you set up your business abroad. If desired, you can take over the team at a later time.

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Feel free to contact us, without engagement, to discover your possibilities.

Send us an e-mail: [email protected] or give us a call: +31 (0)88 – 400 29 00

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