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The WorldEmp all-in concept consists of:

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Upskilling and social activities

Fun events and further development for your colleagues


Recruitment & selection

After comprehensive selection, we quickly introduce multiple candidates

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Workspace in a high-tech environment

We ensure that your colleagues have a fantastic workspace

Looking for highly educated staff?

For example, in the fields of IT, Engineering, or Finance? WorldEmp brings together supply and demand. In an affordable, scalable, and efficient way. We do this by connecting the best people with companies worldwide.

We add colleagues to your team, with whom you collaborate online. We do this using our platform and a live video connection. That way, international colleagues are always virtually present in your office, making it easy to share files and collaborate. Working with a remote team has never been easier.

Which specialization is relevant for my company?


In the dynamic and technically complex world of engineering, it's essential to have access to specialized experts who can assist your company in designing, developing, and managing advanced projects and systems. Whether it's automating manufacturing processes, developing sustainable construction projects, or innovating in maritime engineering, WorldEmp ensures that you have access to the best engineering talent from around the world, perfectly tailored to your needs and exclusively working for your company.


In the era of big data and advanced analytics, access to specialized data experts is essential for any business striving for data-driven decision-making. The right talent can make a difference in extracting valuable insights from complex datasets. WorldEmp connects you with the best data specialists from around the world, perfectly tailored to your unique business needs.


In the rapidly changing world of information technology, finding the right IT specialists is crucial for the success of your business. Whether it's software development, system management, or ensuring cybersecurity; having the right people in the right positions is essential. WorldEmp is your partner in this quest. We search for the top IT professionals from around the world, perfectly tailored to your needs.


In a complex and rapidly changing financial world, it's crucial to have access to specialized financial experts who can help navigate the nuances of financial management and regulations. Whether you're looking to strengthen accounting, ensure compliance, or drive innovation with fintech, WorldEmp connects you with the best financial specialists from around the world, perfectly tailored to your business needs.

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"Always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you."

Frank Korf (CEO & Founder)

Remote team expansion in various areas

WorldEmp brings together supply and demand. In an affordable, scalable, and efficient way. We do this by connecting the best people with companies worldwide.

Free recruitment and 40-70% lower labor costs

By working with professionals through the WorldEmp method, we are confident that your labor costs will decrease by 40-70%. The rate is often lower than you would expect in many cases! This way, your company can scale up easily and without risks by tapping into a larger talent pool in countries with highly qualified workers.

The WorldEmp rate is "all-in":

Within our concept, we work with an all-in rate without surprises afterward or ultra-small print. Everything is included in our rate, and billing starts only when an employee actually starts with you.

What's included? Recruitment, talent assessment, cultural and technical international tests, a workplace in the WorldEmp office, performance management of the employee, and daily use of the virtual working environment. Even any outings we organize for your employees are included in the price!


Traditional HR

International network

No recruitment costs

Compliance and no risk

Increased productivity

What customers say about us

What makes us unique?

We find and facilitate your new colleague through our local network, our own recruitment teams, and intensive screenings. The international market meets the Dutch demand for skills and offers a growing supply of technology talent, allowing you to start with one employee or grow an international team to scale your business.


25+ years of experience

Personal approach

Unique & scalable solution

Availability and quality

Setting up an external team may sound challenging, but at WorldEmp, we have built up enough best practices to make a new collaboration successful. That way, you don't have to reinvent the wheel or set up all the paperwork yourself. We'd be happy to explain it in a personal conversation.​



We're happy to explain the concept

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